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About Shalom Color

Shalomcolorlab was established in 1997. Keeping pace with advances in photography technology, we upgraded our film processing operations from traditional skills to digitized system in 2009. Our commitment to our customers is to spare no effort in providing quality product and services.


We value the feedback from customers and keep improving our product and services to satisfy them. Our continuous effort has won the recognition of our highly satisfied customers. This enabled us to win FUJIFILM's “The Best of the Best” award in 2004 and 2005 consecutively, and “Quality Excellence Service Award” from 2006 to 2009. These accolades testify to the excellent performance of Shalomcolorlab.




我们虚心聆听顾客的反馈意见,并精益求精,力求改进照片印制的质量和服务水平, 以提升顾客的满意度。我们的努力荣幸获得顾客们的肯定。我们于2004年、2005年“脱颖而出”连续获得 FUJIFILM “强中之强”大奖,2006年至2009年获颁最佳品质优异服务奖。这些奖项是“闪廊”优越表现的证明。


About Us